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A Warm Welcome to You!

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I am delighted to welcome you to the forums of Internet Stones.COM.

I am sure you will find this a great community that is smart, motivated and willing to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

I love to see the members of this community as comfortable as at home. We hope that you will return on a later date to pay the favor forward by helping someone else.

Both anonymous and non anonymous users are welcome to this forum, please do not forget to read the forum guidelines.

Some folks are intimidated by these forums. Remember we are all friends here and the forums are really easy to use.

To start a new thread in any forum, open that forum by clicking on it and then clicking on the NEWTHREAD* button.

Please create a new topic only when none of the existing threads in any forum fits the content of your post.

Important guidelines so that these forums will run smoothly are:

1)Do a search-- search becomes more and more important as the forums grow, it is possible that someone has already asked the same or similar question. It will also help you to put the post or even a new thread in the right place.

There are three types of searches that can be carried out on these forums:
i)the first is the topic search at the top left part of the forum after it is opened.
ii)The second is the advanced search option/link that is found at the top right part of every page of this forum.
iii)The third type of search is the Google search box at the bottom of every page on this forum, you can use the Google search box to search the entire domain [including sub-domains,, www. site), and].
You may also search the entire web from the same Google search box.

2)Good behavior- This is very important and must be emphasized . Some forums are well known for notorious behavior. Keep these forums a friendly place .

If bad behavior is exhibited by the same individual repeatedly. That person will be banned from the forums.

We do not want to kick anyone out, that is why it is important for you to read the forum rules/guidelines next at the following link:
As a reminder there will be a link to the forum rules page just above the area for posts on all forums.

Once again, welcome and enjoy our forums,

always remember, pay it forward.

Dr Shihaan M. L

Posted : 10/02/2012 11:26 am
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"The most important motive for study at school, at the university, and in life, is the pleasure of working and thereby obtaining results which will serve the community.

The most important task for our educators is to awaken and encourage these psychological forces in a young man or woman.

Such a basis alone can lead to the joy of possessing one of the most precious assets in the world -

Knowledge or artistic skill."

Albert Einstein

Posted : 10/02/2012 11:38 am
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photo larif

welcome to internetstones.COM

Posted : 21/06/2024 10:32 am