Photograph of Young Mary Todd

Dear Sirs,This is to inform you that the excellent article you have posted regarding Mary Todd Lincoln’s seed pearl jewelry contains a photograph of “Young Mary Todd” that is not, in fact, her. It is a photo of President James Buchanan’s niece Harriet Lane Johnson who acted as “First Lady” during his administration. I am a student of Mary Todd Lincoln history and was surprised that I had never seen this beautiful photograph of her anywhere else…and now I know why. Your article was very interesting, but an alternate photograph would be appreciated. Sincerely, Scarletglory

@Scarletglory, Thanks for reading our extensive web article on Mary Todd Lincoln’s Seed Pearl Jewelry Suite, which also included biographies on President Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln. We are indeed grateful to you for pointing out this error, that had inadvertently crept into this article. As far as possible, we try to double-check images uploaded to our website, in order to verify the identity of the subject in the image, and also to make sure that we do not violate any copyright laws. Most of the images published in our website are in the public domain. This image most probably was taken from another trusted website, which had probably committed this error. In our enthusiasm to present the most comprehensive biography of the former first lady of the United States, we published this image inadvertently, not knowing the exact identity of the subject of the image. Thank you very much for alerting us on this error, and helping to set the record straight. We are in the process of editing this webpage. The said photograph will be deleted and a correct image uploaded in its place. We do hope, that you would continue to visit our website and forums, and give us useful suggestions for their further development.

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