Metaphysical Healing Properties Of Hemitite

In spiritual work, hematite is an excellent stone to help keep yourself also connected to the Earth plane. Hematite is a stone that is most commonly used to ground and for protection.

Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry. Hematite is a very protective stone and is great to carry to help you stay grounded in many situations. Hematite is also good for working with the Root Chakra, helping to transform negative energies into a more positive vibration. Those in relationships can benefit from the cooperation vibe coming from Hematite.

Carry Hematite when in need of balance and equilibrium, or when having difficulty focusing energies. Hematite is known to improve your mental capability. It provides the person confidence to complete his dreams without feeling insecure about what others might think.

Rainbow Hemitite enhances mental capabilities original thinking. Dissolves negativity reduces stress.
Astrological Sign: Aires, Aquarius
Chakra: Root
Element: Earth
Planet: Mars

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