Iranian Crown Jewels loose emeralds and emeralds from my mine are the exact same

Dr. Lareef

We referred your query to mineral expert and dealer in minerals Rob Weesner, whose email address is , who is also a participant in our forums. We reproduce the e-mail sent to him and his reply for your information please.
e-mail sent to Rob Weesner by Lareef A. Samad
Thanks for taking part in our forums and uploading images of several rare minerals onto our galleries, under the pseudonym “Hippi.” We would appreciate continued inputs from you in the field of rare minerals, being an expert on the subject and experience gained by dealing in minerals over the years. In this connection, I would like to bring to your kind notice an intimation received from a member participating in our forums, who created a thread under Contact Us Forum - titled “Iranian Crown Jewels Loose Emeralds and Emeralds from my mine are exactly the same.”
This is what the member taking the Pseudonym “emeralds999” says under this thread :-
I am an emerald miner . I came across these emeralds at one of my emerald mines. They appear to be just like the ones in the picture showing the Iranian loose emeralds and also 13 emerald rings that is found on your website. The only other place that I have seen these type of emeralds is at the Iranian Museum website and your website. They appear to be different from any other emeralds that I have seen before and there are none like them being sold anywhere that I was able to find. Could you tell me what you think about these emeralds .
He has uploaded three images under his post. The first two images appear to be the green mineral found in his mine, cut in various shapes and tumbled or polished. The third image shows the Iranian loose emeralds which form part of the collection of the Iranian Crown Jewels. I would appreciate your imputs regarding the polished green minerals uploaded by “emerald999” and your opinion as to whether it is the same as the green emeralds found in the Iranian Crown Jewels.The images are sent as attachments to the e-mail

Thank you and God Bless You !!! Attached files

Rob Weesner was kind enough to respond to our query.We reproduce below his reply to our query for your kind information please.

Hello Lareef,
The third picture that is supposed to be the material that makes up the emeralds from the Iranian Crown Jewels, is of poor quality, to make any reasonable judgement of the material contained in that photo.The first two pictures of what he says is material found in his mine, are of fairly good quality. From what I can observe in these photos, I do not believe the material to be emerald. To me, it looks more like a type of nephrite jade, or possibly aventurine. Something along those lines. But, does not appear to be emerald.
A couple of pictures I came across on the internet of some of the emeralds that are in the Crown Jewels of Iran, have a more vibrant, deeper green color to them. So the pictures of the material for comparison does not even look like the type of emerald that I have seen before and does not look like the material I saw in other pictures of the Crown Jewels of Iran.
I hope this helps you out.