Fashion Accessories

Hi! Im just new in this forum. I am a jewelry designer.

Welcome to our forums. Your contribution as a jewelry designer would be vital for the success of this forum. You can upload pictures and descriptions of your jewelry designs, and start new threads on these designs, which undoubtedly would go a long way in popularizing them.

Thank you so much for a very nice welcome… Im so happy

One of the most favored forms of semiotic distinction is fashion because fashionable clothes accessories and body adornment are easy for others to observe at glance incidental items particularly branded specific handbags footwear jewelry accessories and new hairstyles act also as important status symbols.: :heart:

Fashion is the part of beauty and beauty is the part of women’s life. Clothing and jewelries both bring beauty which is always desired by women. We always think to be gorgeous in this world and that’s why always look for best jewelries and best clothes and best for everything.

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heart Shape is good one in jewelry. Normally a regular Item for women.