Famous emeralds

Looking for information on the Paola Emerald rough in regards to possible value related to auction private sale etc 990.25 carat rough now in HK bank thank you Curious why this is not listed on the famous emerald pages as the Gachala is.

Thanks pegdenirp for your query, seeking information on the 990.25-carat Paola Emerald rough believed to be in the custody of the HK Bank. Unfortunately, there is not much information on the web concerning this enormous emerald, such as the country of origin, the mine of origin, the date of discovery, the company or individual involved in its discovery, the possible reasons why the emerald was named the Paola Emerald etc. Even an image of the rough emerald is not available on the net. Such information is important if we are to create a dedicated page for this emerald, significant in terms of its size and possibly other value factors. We are indeed prepared to create a dedicated page for this emerald if and when sufficient information becomes available. If you have any information regarding this important emerald, please be free to upload such information to our forums or send it to our e-mail address.Visitors to our forums who might have more information on this emerald, are also invited to provide such information as prescribed above.