Demantoid Garnet


Demantoid is the green variety of Andradite Garnet. Andradite is Calcium Iron Silicate with formula Ca3Fe2(SiO4)3. When some of the Ferric ions in the crystals are substituted by Chromium ions, the green color characteristic of demantoid garnets are produced. However, sometimes the color of Ferric ions manifest itself in the crystal, producing the yellowish-green shades of demantoid and demantoids with a brownish cast.Finished demantoid garnets are generally under 1 or 2 carats in size. Demantoid garnets over 2 carats are rare, and stones over 3 carats are extremely rare. Stones with intense green coloration are highly valued, but lighter stones of yellowish-green color display more fire, associated with the high dispersion of 0.057.The main sources of demantoid garnets are Russia and Namibia. Other locations where demantoid garnets are found are Lombardy in Italy, Kerman in Iran, and Afghanistan. The most recently discovered source is Madagascar where significant deposits were discovered in 2009.

Dear Edgar,We have forwarded your request to Rob Weesner, mineral expert and dealer in minerals, who is a regular participant in our forums. His e-mail address is . We reproduce below the e-mail sent to him for your information:-Dear Rob,Edgar from Washigton DC, USA taking part in our forums - - is looking for a cut and polished green demantoid garnet without any yellow or brown cast, between 1 to 2 carats, to be mounted on an engagement ring.

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