Alexandrite Rare 15.5 Carats

Hello Mohammed,

Thankyou This picture taken inside the house with my mobile, its difficult to take picture from outside. when going outside under sunlight it shows dark in picture.

Mohammed. Have you got the gemstone tested?

still not testedcan you advice me about testing, which one is valued better for selling this stone. presently i am DubaiAny problem in customs when traveling with this stone to countries without any documents

The two conditions of lighting to observe a color change in alexandrites are 1) natural daylight/fluorescent light and 2) Incandescent light. The color in natural daylight can be green/bluish-green/yellowish-green/teal-blue etc. and the color in incandescent light can be purple/reddish-purple/purplish-red/brownish-red/reddish-brown/brownish-purple etc. depending on the source of the alexandrite. The photograph of natural daylight can be taken in diffused sunlight either indoors or outside in the shade, and not in direct sunlight. An image taken under fluorescent lighting should also show the same colors as natural daylight. The other photograph should be taken under incandescent lighting indoors. An incandescent light bulb is an electric light which produces light when its filament gets heated to a high temperature by an electric current. It’s always ideal to have a white background for your images, instead of a colored background that can tend to mask the actual color of the stone. Mohammed, the first image you have taken indoors under natural daylight shows a tinge of green color expected in an alexandrite, but the color appears to be masked by the ash-colored background of the image. Try repeating this under natural daylight indoors with the alexandrite placed on a white sheet of paper. The second photograph should also be taken with the alexandrite placed on a white sheet of paper but an incandescent light directed at the stone, from a table lamp or other suitable source. Make sure you cut off all natural daylight when you are taking the second photograph.

Thankyou for your replyPhotographs taken three ways 1) Normal day light inside the room, 2) lighting Cigarette lighter and the 3) Small Bright light torch.Three of them taken in same background(surface of shining plastic box).

I will try to take photographs same as you said.